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Blogging Benefits-- Meeting New Friends!!

Last Friday while we were in Phoenix for Thanksgiving I got the blessing and privilege of meeting Marty from A Stroll  Thru Life.  We met at a coffee shop and she said she had a surprise for me. Ceekay from
 Thinkin of Home joined us!!

Oh my, what fun we had chatting for over 2 hours and it could have gone on forever and never a pause!  It was like meeting 2 old friends and we had such a wonderful time sharing with one another.  I told Marty in an email later that I felt I was getting a taste of what heaven would be like!  Marty and Ceekay are just lovely inside and out and I am so glad we were able to meet face to face finally.

Next time Marty promises to take me to her favorite shopping haunts!! I can't wait!

 Ceekay, Me, Marty

Ceekay brought me this sweet plate,napkins and tag- I can't wait to find a place for this wonderful plate and I think that tag is going on a Christmas tree real soon!

Marty MADE this wonderful seashell ball! Isn't it just wonderful!  I am seeing this is a cloche at some point!  I am sorry for the picture position.  For some reason it flipped it and I cannot get it to load right. Does anyone know why this would be happening?

Oh what a wonderful highlight to our time in Arizona! THank you so much Marty and Ceekay for taking time out of your busy schedules to meet me.  I so look forward to our next visit!

 Now I have to do double time on my decorating for Christmas as I lost a week! Have the THanksgiving down this afternoon so it's time to haul all those boxes in- I have cloches that need to be done in time for Marty's Cloche party this Friday!  Hope to see you all there!

 I cannot leave without sharing a few giveaways across blog land!

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Sara's Sweet Surprise has a giveaway over at her blog too!

A Very Blessed and Joyous Thanksgiving to You!

Just taking a moment to wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your time with family and friends, take a few moments to think of the many blessings that have so graciously been bestowed and GIVE THANKS to the ONE who is Worthy of ALL PRAISE and GLORY and HONOR this day and every day we live!

"Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! "
  II Corinthians 9:15      
JESUS! The most precious gift of all!

Kitchen Prettied Up Just a Bit-

The closest you have ever gotten to my kitchen is seeing my dishwasher full of treasures! I have never blogged about our kitchen in our home as it is one of the rooms in our house that needs major work. Last week I wanted to prissy it up just a bit, despite all the work that needs done.
please note!! Below picture is scary! It is the picture that was emailed to us when we were interested in more information about the house when we were looking to buy. When we came to look at it is was actually much worse! Notice the glass cabinet doors- several not there or broken, wood valance and bamboo pink window treatments and of course, the avocado green oven!

This picture is right after we moved in 2 years ago this week! I started making the curtains even before we closed on the house, The flouresant light at sink has been removed- the avocado stove- still there!

I decided to move my microwave to another part of the kitchen (hopefully show you that little transformation soon) and make a pretty little area in the corner-

Hung some of my pretty rose plates under the counter- hid the coffee maker in an upper cabinet- easy access to it. The lamp seemedjust a little short so I turned a pretty rose bowl upside down to use as a makeshift pedestal. Hot glue just in a few places so that it will be easy to remove when I want to change things around again.
Pretty cups inside cannisters

Made the little cloche from that the vintage bottle brush tree is in $2.00 total to make!

$2 silver tray and my pretty salt and pepper shakers DH bought me for my birthday- a few pink ornaments in a pretty bowl and the sweet faux cake that Francie from The Scented Cottage sent me when I was recovering from my rattlesnake bite this summer.

This pretty vignette makes me so happy to look at!

This is the extent of my Christmas decorating so far! 3 ornaments and a itty bitty tree!
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And now a giveaway or 2!
Brynwood needle works is having a 200 th post giveaway-
At home with Elaine is having a sweet vintage graphics giveaway! She's new to bloggy land so go over and say hi!  Tell her I sent you.,

shimmery glittery sparkling vintage beadwork

I found this package of vintage beadwork at ARC Thrift a few weeks ago- 7 yards of gorgeous trim for 9.99. Can you believe I almost passed it up because of the price! I am just so cheap, what can I say, but I knew I would regret it so put her in my buggy!

I imagine this was bought originally for a beautiful wedding gown or maybe a fancy Christmas party dress-
I have no idea what I will do with this but love it. I think a pretty belt would be the first thing on my list. What would you do with yards of trim like this?
For now I decided it would make a pretty sparkly ornament so wrapped her up like you would a ball of yarn.

Isn't she a pretty site!

Hope you enjoyed

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Make a Cloche from a Ceiling Fan Part- Guess which part?

Edited to add- this is a previous post that I posted in Nov 2009-

I am so excited about Marty's upcoming Cloche party on December 4th and have been wanting to make a new one or two for the party- How's this for spending $4.00?

Can you spot the mystery fan part? Yup its the bell housing part used as the base of the cloche! It was out side so even had the rusty texture already there too! Here are all the parts needed to make you own cloche-
1. Bell housing from an old ceiling fan
2. Plate with hole cut in middle of plate (I found mine several years ago at a yard sale knowing it would come in handy one day!)
3. washer
4. molly bolt nut and bolt
5. something to use as the cloche cover. This piece I think was part of hanging vase or candle holder of some sort. Found at GW for 99 cents.
6. Bird cast iron bell from Hobby Lobby 1/2 off cost 3.00
7. Epoxy
Place bolt through center hole in plate then down through the bell housing.
On under side of bell housing place washer then molly bolt nut and screw till tight.
The epoxy comes in a dual squeeze container. Squeeze a bit out and mix with toothpick till well mixed and opaque looking-

Take your glass bell cover and bird bell or other top ornament and glue ornament on top and then
enjoy!!! I am not showing what I put inside the cloche - you will have to come back for Marty's cloche party to see it and others that I am working on!!

The sweet cloche didn't stand up quite high enough for my vignette. I have a black wood tiered tray that I was not using so unscrewed the center posts and stacked them on top of each other for a pedestal. And look at that pretty picture that my blogging friend Jean sent to me a few weeks ago! I am so enjoying it!

I do hope my lil ol tutorial was clear enough- if not please don't hesititate to ask any questions you may have.

May link to one or more of these great parties-   Saturday Nite Special

Pink Saturday More Pinks in the Guest room!

Welcome to Pink Saturday!! I featured my pretty and ogranzied guestroom closet redo earlier this week and so for Pink Saturday thought I would show you around the guest room just a bit.

Remember the pretty pink stocking I won from Rebecca over at A Gathering Place? Rebecca had tied the prettiest tulle bow on my package. It was just too pretty to stick in a drawer
And it fit around my little lamp in my guest room just perfect! I love that bow!

This picture is a bit dark but I like it because it shows the pretty sheers in the background

Pretty little pink doily

I bought this sweet birdhouse at Ross years ago- one of the drawer pulls is missing so I got it for cheap cheap!

I love this painting- more bees!! I love bees! This came from a yard sale I. It was 1.00 for this picture and another handpainted original!

Thank you for coming over and seeing my pretty pinks! Please go over to Beverly's blog and see the other participants for this weeks Pink Saturday.

I have been busy busy and have lots to show you in the next few posts- a cloche made from a part of a ceiling fan- a sweet lamp shade redo that is easy peasy and some furniture I am painting. The cloche will be shown for Met Monday so come on back soon friend!

I have found some more great giveaways for you~

Rose Brook Cottage has a sweet candy cane giveaway going on
Bearbits is having a Silver Anniversary giveaway for one of her adorable crafted bears!
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La Chambra Rose is giving away a gift certificate in celebration of her new site Linens and Laurel
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I Do it Yourself is having a giveaway too!

Click here for an opportunity to win a C for your Techy gift person on your list? And if you have no idea what a Kindle is, here's a few articles and blog posts on the Kindle from the Noobie web site to get you up to speed:

15 minutes--ok-- 15 seconds of fame! and White Wednesday-

Ok I feel like I am getting my 15 minutes of fame today! Wendy at The Shabby Nest quoted my comment I had left at Houzz on her wonderful interview there! Wendy's blog is filled with wonderful inspiration and helps for making a house a home. Here is my comment-

Houzz comment-
megardengal says:
Wendy's blog is another great inspiration warehouse!! We have always been on a very tight budget also and I love reading how others beautify their homes with spending pennies instead of loads of money- Anyone can have a beautiful home if they have lots of funds but it takes work and creativity to make a beautiful home with a tight budget!

Ok so she didn't mention my name but I know who I am and even though those reading her blog didn't know it was me now you do!! Boy what a lame way to try to get 15 seconds of fame!!!

So how do you feel about what it takes to make a house a home? Who are your favorite blogs when it comes to inspiration and ideas?

Chrissy at The Apothacary Shop is one of my favorite inspiration blogs- I call her the vignette queen!

I would love to know who your inspiration blogs are- I have so many but it might just be fun to feature one every once in a while!

Happy White Wednesday- please go over to Faded Charm to see the other wonderful participants This week-


The Harward's Blog is having a wonderful giveaway!! Go over and see!
Completely Coastal is having a great giveaway over at her blog!
Collected Treasures is having the sweetest little cone giveaway over at her blog-

Making a Guest Closet organized and Pretty too!

This is a repost of a little closet I organized.  I wanted to join Spring into Organizing party and since I am not very organized I pulled out one of my old posts- is that cheating? 
It is a cute redo and I hope you enjoy it (oh yes it still looks pretty much this way which is amazing!  
Even when I do strainghten things it seems like it is no time before it is in it's before status.
  Does anyone else have this problem?

I wish this was one of those wonderful and perfect transformations. No, sigh, it is not and yet it it is a metamorphosis in it's own right!
As part of our ministry we use our home a lot for over night guests. My Shabby Pink guest room needed a dresser for guests and there was not really a place for one in the room as this is one of the smaller rooms in the house.
I wish I had taken a picture of the closet in it's before condition but just imagine all of this "stuff" below packed into that one portion of the closet! Out it all came and in went a dresser which I hope to paint and replace handles with some shabby chic ones at some point.
The end of the closet had these little shelves already there. I restocked the shelves with pretty vintage barkcloth fabric that I hope to recover the chair that is in the room also. I stocked the little box with toiletries that may be needed for overnight guests, extra quilts and towels, the extra pair of sheets for this room as I don't have a large linen closet, some reading material guest might like and left 2 of the drawers empty. (The paper flowers came from 2 sweet little girls who gave them to me after I had come to share about being a missionary at their Children's Church- just love sweet little gifts like that!!!)
I know they all should be but I have a collection of puppets for children when they come over and they are in the other drawers! I don't think I have ever had such a pretty little closet and it makes me want to organize the others! I so want to get the dresser painted but that will just have to wait for another day! That sweet feather tree was being stored up in another part of the closet and I thought it looked so cute on the dresser so down it came!

Most of that pile on the bed was sorted though and organized.  WE have 3 other guest rooms that we are working on so the bedding was switched to another closet which will one day have
to have  a purge party! Several things were tossed, others given to Thrift.

Some More Meandering you maybe interested in

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