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Miss a Recent Post?

Discovering Beauty # 10

Flamingo Toes has come up with an idea I love!  
I am so making these!

Love the pretty makeover Storybook Woods did to this once silver tray.  She even added glass feet!

Friend Vanna  from Delusions of Grandeur sent me over to this fantastic blog featuring a post on how to make your own barbola appliques!!  Thank you Vanna!  Katty's Cozy Cove is a must see blog.and you really must check out Vannas blog too if you have not been to see her yet.  She has the most fantastic collections of gorgeous things and boy does she know her stuff!
Here is another awesome transformation of Kattys.
You will be so amazed when you see how she made this fainting couch!

This is a true repurpose post!
Wouldn't you know I just sold a darling vintage suitcase that would have been perfect for this Birthday in Suitcase!

 Beginning May 1st - the 5th I will be joining the Parade of Homes 
This should be fun as it is different from most parties.  
You will go over to Toni's blog to start the tour.
At the end of her post she will post a link to the next tour,
that person in return will post the next persons link at the end of her tour and so on.

Pansies In The Snow and Plants in the Breakfast Nook.

           This morning I woke to find a heavy dusting of snow on the  few flowers I have.
Last week I was so dying to get my hands in the dirt and asked DH if he would look at Walmart for some pansies or something that I could plant.
  None to be found but he went to a greenhouse that is not scheduled for opening till this week. 
He told the lady he was desperate to find his wife something to plant as she was having withdrawal symptoms big time.
  She was kind enough to let him go in the greenhouse and pick out some 6 packs of pansies. 
I have the best Hubby in the world!

In New Mexico I was gardening in February.
This white stuff is the reason we don't plant till after Mother's Day in Colorado!
I do have some seeds growing in the breakfast nook.
Started these last week and used my glass domes -

Have a few things sprouting already!! Yippee Jesus!

 Front guestroom is textured, primed and ceiling painted.  
I was playing the made scientist mixing oops paint for a color - Oh I do hope it will be ok!
Bill took out the radiator so we could paint it so we don't have the boiler going making it a bit chilly.
This is where Mickey and Jesee have been most of the day!

Next week I am joining A Bowl full of Lemons Parade of Home's Tour!
I hope you all will join me!
This should be fun as it is different from most parties.  
Hosted by Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons
the virtual week-long tour,  which Starts Sunday, will give you a peek into dozens of vintage decorated homes along the way. 
The tour begins on Sunday, May 1st at Toni's blog, 
and each beautiful blog on the parade with link you to the next place to visit and one of those days it will be my place!


Favorite Room and I'm Missing It Greatly!

No, we haven't moved.  
Then how can I be missing  one of my favorite rooms? 

Well, everything, and I mean lots of everything from the front bedroom 
we are working on is in my favorite room! 
It is filled to the gills!

Hopefully soon it will resume its beautiful self as seen in these pictures.
I think this is one of my favorite rooms in the house because it was one of the first rooms we worked on.
This room began the process of making the house we bought into our HOME.

I never plan out how a room is going to look like when I start decorating.  
 I wish I were organized and had the little file folder with paint chips and inspiration ideas but that just isn't me.

We needed a guest room finished as guest were arriving weekly and I wanted them to feel special,
not just a place to lay your head at night. 
Part of the reason we bought this big ol house was for ministry so we needed to get to work to make
it a welcome place for any who may walk through our doors.

We were still in process of rewiring the entire house but I asked Bill 
if we could finish the bits of electric work here first.
Because of old house and electrical issues we had to retexture the walls to hide all the cutting in of the plaster. 
I came up with doing a tissue paper technique which turned out fabulous!
If you would like you can read about how we did this HERE

 We wallpapered the ceiling with a wallpaper that looked like old metal ceilings.
That was quite a lesson in itself.  Here is the Post if you would like to read more about it.

The lovely chandelier was one of many that came with the house-
The light looks so pretty when it is on but I cannot figure out how to take a great picture of it- any hints?
Here you can see the ceiling's pretty dress

After the 2 biggies finished- which included painting it was time to fluff this baby!
A vignette of sweet things picked up here and there
Oh there is a vignette and a table top! I am joining Marty's Tabletop Tuesday's Too!

I picked up this hand painted picture at a yard sale.  It came as a set which the other one
is hanging on one side of the bed.
I am a beekeeper also so this pretty painting is pretty special to me.

The morning sunlight comes through the east windows - the light is so beautiful in this room.

We picked up the doors for $5.00 each at a yard sale.  
They will someday make it upstairs and be used as, well, doors!

I picked up the beautiful floor lamp base at a yard sale for $10. 
The globe was a find last year at a little antique store in NM.  I thought $18.00 was a steal for it!
The 2 pieces were a perfect match I think!

 I won a beautiful Stocking several years ago from Rebecca at A Gathering of Thoughts.
She had wrapped it up so beautifully and used the tulle ribbon.
It fit just perfectly on my little desk lamp
The beautiful sheers were another little gift that came with this old house!
The rose drapes is just a one continuous piece of fabric (I didn't even hem it) draped and tied to curtain rod.

Even the closet received some fluffing- 
Extra towels and bedding, some reading material, toiletries that may be forgotten,
and a few empty drawers so guests can make themselves at home.
(That dresser is on the to paint list!)
I was storing the little feather tree up on the top shelf of the closet and it is just so cute I decided to bring her down to the chest and show her off.

This side looks much different now (well I mean even before it became the storage room temporarily).
A few weeks before Christmas a friend called me and asked it I would like her fainting couch!!!
She was no longer wanting it and knew it would look perfect in my home!  Talk about being blessed!
Well that fainting couch is in this area now and I will have to do a post on it when everything
is back in order!
You get a little glimpse of the carpet that is in here.  It is an old fashion look but I really like it.
It too was in the house when we bought it.  So you can see the house came with some great finds
that helped in pulling this room all together to make a relaxing retreat for all who come our way!

I do so hope you enjoyed taking the tour and if you are ever up Colorado way we would love to give you the tour in person and maybe even set you up for the night in my favorite room!

He IS Risen!

He Is Risen!!
Time to Dance our Shoes Off!

Surprised by Giving Hearts - A thousand gifts

This Thursday was our day to open the Clothing Pantry.  
We had a great day with lots of families coming in to shop especially for Easter clothes for their children. 
One friend came in for some jeans for her hubby. The very first pair of jeans was his size.  She was so surprised.  I said, "I'm not Betty, Jesus loves to love us in little ways like this". She is having many struggles right now and so it blessed her to think Jesus would show his care even in Jeans.

Barbara came in needing an apron for work- she looked all through the section and couldn't find one.  I went over and browsed the rack and waddaya know- a darling apron.  How thrilled she was!

Shortly before closing time June came in the store.  I was in the back sorting clothes when she
came and put a dozen tangerine roses in my hand and said
"Happy Easter! "
Those of you that know me know that she couldn't have picked a more perfect gift- 
I love roses!

Today I was getting ready to start sealing the texture job DH had finished a few days ago
when I found a package from the Postman.
The sweetest banner from Laura at Decor to Adore  that I won a few days ago arrived in the mail!!
We have been so busy that I didn't get my Easter Decor out but I had 
to take a few pictures of my pretties.  
I did have a few things out that were stuck in cabinet so here is the extent of my Easter Decor!

Oh my these roses smell wonderful too!

I wish I could capture just how sweet this banner that Laura made is.  I just love it!

Here's a close up

Cindy from Custom Comforts sent me the duvet cover to my bedding she is so graciously sewing for Moi!
I am just giving you a sneak peek as I don't have pretty pillow cases to show the duvet off in her glory but wanted you to see the progress
Again I am so surprised at all the details Cindy has- beautiful buttons, the corners have ribbons on the inside to tie the comforter to duvet to keep from sliding around inside.
Again the sewing is just perfect- wow is she a seamstress and so talented!
Cindy is having an open house at her place next week.
  If you are in the area I would so encourage you to attend. 
Looking by her blog, she is going to have some amazing thing for sale!
a thousand gifts- journal 
(Click here to learn more)
simply living life to
fully living life
the way God intended us to
seeing Jesus in every day.

15. The gift of eyes that see.
16. Being able to read pages and pages (realizing that several we minister to do not have the blessing of
knowing how to read)
17 Praying with a Friend.
18. Yummy leftovers and salad.
19. One finger clicking as Bill types notes for his Sunday message.
20. a husband who has fallen head over heel in love with Jesus.
21. same husband who tenderly loves me!

25. Strong shelter to protect from blowing winds
26. The Holy Spirit's strength in times of weakness (which is pretty much all the time)
28. Your Love Jesus that I have not even yet begun to let saturate my being to fullest life.

For celebrating Resurrection Life every moment and not just one day a year!

Joining Pink Saturday and Donna's SNS

Deeper Greens then I had ever Known-

Spring is just coming on here in Colorado this week so I am taking you on our trip we took

Bill and I went to Oregon and Washington a few weeks ago for a conference. 
Many of you will remember that I got the blessing of meeting 2 of my blogging friends in person at that time- Gosh what fun!

We had never had the privilege of being in this part of the country. 
It rained the whole time so pictures were very hard to take but I have a few I would love to share that gives a hint of the beauty of this country.

 Our Conference for the mission we are with was at Twin Rocks Friends Camp.  
You crossed over this bridge they  built and it is accessible to only those on the camp. 
It goes over a very busy highway which would have been difficult to cross on foot otherwise.
A little stroll and soon this is what you see
Twin Rocks for which the camp is named.  It was misting heavily when I took this picture and by the time my friend and I walked the beach and came back to camp we were completely soaked through.
It was so fun walking that beach though and getting to play catch up with my very dear friend Vicki.

We headed with a few friends to Tillamook, OR where they have the huge cheese factory. 
It was fun touring and then on the way back to camp we took a few pictures along the beach

DH taking pictures with his new camera.  I am still  with my little Canon Power Shot. 
Edited to add- These pictures were taken by me with my little camera- not Bill with his new one- I promise!

After the conference we headed down Hwy 101 to go to Washington.
We stopped in Wheeler, Oregon to take these few snaps.

I think this is my favorite picture of the whole trip. 
I could sit at this bench and gaze in dreamland wonder for forever I think!

 I couldn't get over all the varied greens and mosses that clung to every crevice and cavity of the trees. 
There was a section of forest that it seemed there was not one piece of bark that was missing the green velvet of moss.  I don't know what or if the forest had a name but I called it the Velvet Forest.  We had a terrible time finding a place to pull off the side of the road to take pictures and by the time we found a place we had missed the most beautiful section but imagine this on every square inch of branch and limb-
A little walk down this pretty trail leads
to this beautiful beach area.  I am not sure what it was called but I believe it was near Canon Beach.
I am so happy and blessed to have been able to experience Oregon even if it was all in the rain!
What a beautiful place God has created!

I hope you enjoyed the little beach tour.  I hope maybe next week to show you around Seattle and an 8 mile hike we took -

I promise I will be showing some of the clothes I refashioned too.
  I am having a tough time getting pictures of my self wearing them. 
May just show them off on a hanger but I think they are cuter  when on something like a body! 
Anyone have a mannequin they would like to get rid of?  :)

Some More Meandering you maybe interested in

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