Miss a recent post

Miss a Recent Post?

Discovering Beauty- Chiffon Flowers, Pocket Pillows, 25 Ways to a Scarf

Always amazed at the beauty I discover in blog land. Here are just a few-

Have always loved  the Pocket Pillows I see in Blog land.  Katie for Katies Rose Cottage shows
us how to make one in her tutorial

Love this video on 25 ways to wear a scarf!

I do so love this dumpy motorhome turned dreamy!

What beauty have you discovered this week?

Let Thy Mantel Fall on Me-

Let Thy Mantel Fall on Me-  Oops that's what Elisha said to Elijah - guess it has nothing to do with a mantel except the word and it is what popped in my head as I was starting this post-
(Now you see why this blog is called Mary's Meanderings- just a little example of the way my silly brain works!)

Well, on the the mantel in my house-  does anyone else have trouble getting good photos of their mantles?  I just never seem to be able to get a great looking picture-  So here it is from a distance-
and just a few closeup shots.  Nothing spectacular for sure but it did get a little dressed up for the occasion.
 I just used what I had from last year.  
Want to find some aspen leaves to put in the urns- does anyone know if they will keep their pretty colors as they dry?

I have had this clock stashed away forever  as I cannot figure out where to hang it.  Thought for now I would try it on the mantle.
 Here is a close up - It is two sided which is neat but makes it difficult for me to figure out where to put it- any ideas out there?
Well this is short little post as we just got back from our little camping trip but I wanted to have a post for these great parties going on out there!

I Had A Little Fall- Thank You Very Much!

Yup- I have just a little fall going on in the house and thought I would share it with you
The tray is a recent project. I found it at ARC Thrift for 2.00.  Made a little chalkboard out of it- just wish my handwriting was pretty like so many of you gals out there.
You can make your own Flower Pumpkin using my quick Tutorial here.

The little birds came from Dollar Tree last year and were painted black.  The milkglass vase and bouquet was another thrift find for $5-
I will  show the buffet off soon but since I have just a little fall I need to spread it around!!
I wanted to show you this picture though for the pretty lace on the table. 
My friend,Carol, from New Mexico knows how I love vintage linens.  When I was back in NM
in July she gave me a box of linens she no longer wanted!!!! 
Wow did that bless my socks off!!
This is actually a very sheer bedspread with ruffle edges- 
I am trying to figure out how to get some good pictures of it to show you but they are not turning out very good.  Would anyone have any suggestions as to how to photograph sheer linens like this?

I have had just a wonderful time of getting blessed in so many ways lately=

My Creative freind Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict emailed me that I had won her giveaway of Annie Sloan's Book!!!!
I am so excited to get my hands on this book!

Debbie and I started blogging about the same time years ago.  She has brought so much beauty into blogland and so much inspiration to me in decorating my home.  She is so popular she has a staff of 4 (kittys!) to help her in her decorating.  If you haven't been over to see her be sure you take the time to pop in- you will be so blessed that you did!

Thank you Debbie for my awesome win!

A few weeks ago I went to check my emails and had a sweet email from Cedar Hill stating that I was their featured blogger th atweek!!! What a sweet surprise and wonderful blessing to be featured on this wonderful blog!! Thank you so much Anita!
I started this entry the same day to say thank you and it somehow got left in the drafts folder- (if I only had a brain!) sorry Anita for the delay in saying thanks-
Cedar Hill Ranch

I was also blessed to have my Fallin 4 Fall Wreath Featured at these lovely blogs!
Thank you so much ladies!


I want to take this time to that each and everyone that comes by my blog.  I never imagined that I would be on my way to 800 followers- especially since every time I read a post about what to do do make your blog appealing I seem to have failed in so many ways.  But you all are so kind and generous and I am so blessed by you.  THANK YOU!!   I haven't had a giveaway in a long time and have a crazy and what I hope will be a fun giveaway when that 800 follower comes along.  I hope you won't be dissappointed!

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Seach and Rescue or Lost and Found --1000 Gifts

Labor Day found us doing something we would never have imagined!  There is a very primitive road we have been wanting to discover for ourselves that goes through the mountains.  It is open only a few months out of the year do to snow and road conditions.  We seldom take a day off as such even during the "normal" holidays but decided we needed to take this little road trip before another winter comes and finds us knee deep in snow.

I packed a picnic lunch, we got Jesse's leach and the 3 of us took off for a fun day.  

At the 1/2 point of the pass there is a camping and hiking area.  We got out  and saw that there was a path that was not terrible far for hiking and decided to see the area.  When we first started out we noticed a deputy sheriff on his radio and was wondering if there might have been some kind of activity-hmm drugs, fights...who knows.  We went ahead and started on the hike when not too soon afterwards we kept hearing the Deputy shouting a name - as if someone were lost.  We decided to go see if there was anyway we could help and was told that Tim had been hiking and got off the path and was lost.  

Tim's cell phone was working somewhat and he had a gun which he shot off to give us a general area of where he was.  Deputy went one way- Bill, Jesse and I the other.  Bill is so good with directions and having landmarks so I had not concern that  we would get lost in the thick forest.

Well the short of it is that Bill and I were able to find him!  What a wonderful feeling that was to be able to help in guiding someone who was lost to safety.  HMMM doesn't that sound just like what Jesus does for us and what we each have the privilege to do!!!?

When we got back to the vehicles Tim had told us that all the years he had come to his family cabin his cell phone would not work but this time it did!  The other search and rescue workers ( 4 in all) told  Tim that he was lucky that he was found so quickly.  It was the perfect opportunity for Bill to remind everyone that it sounds like we have alot to be thankful for in this situation and asked if they would mind taking just a few moments in prayer to thank the Lord.  They all said sure and we got to pray with them.

When we got back in the car I told Bill that I don't think we could have had a more awesome day if we had planned it!!!

I have to tell you about our picnic-  I found this, what I thought, was a great little place to have a picnic.  It was a tiny meadow surrounded by trees- secluded, romantic......  we got the picnic things out and hiked down to the area.  Bill wasn't quite so comfortable with the place as we have had such a dry season that bears have been a real concern.  We hiked passed a bunch of berry bushes that were just loaded so reminded Bill that those berries would have been stripped bare if the bears were around.   

We finished up our lunch and it was time to go back to our road trip.  There was another primitive road just a little was from where we had picniced and it looked like it might have a great view so Bill and Jesse walked in that direction while I put the picnic back in the car.  I was walking back to where they were when Bill grabbed Jesse by the collar (the leash was in the car)  and told me there was a bear -

Yes just yards from where we had stopped and had our picnic there he was! I am wondering if he smelled our Chicken and Bacon sandwiches and came to investigate!!

A more welcome wildlife!  Grouse were abundant!  This little guy was about 10 feet from me and was the perfect little gentlemen - I think he liked all the attention getting his picture taken!

1000 gifts continued

- Youngest son David wanting to come see us
- The blessing of funds to pay for his plane ticket
- Jonathan and Andreas back from their Wild Adventure-
- Getting to spend some time as they came and stayed a few days here
- hearing their adventures and seeing God's hand upon them

(Click here to learn more)
simply living life to
fully living life
the way God intended us to
seeing Jesus in every day.
What are you thankful for today?
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Discovering Beauty

More beauty spied out there- to see each project click on the name
(for some reason they are not showing up highlighted in a different color---)

Making plaster appliques for drawer pulls

What beauty have you discovered out there in blog land lately?

The Making of a Pumpkin!

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So just what goes into the making of a pumpkin?

Would sunflower stalks ever come to mind?
Well that's just what I used to make part of this cute pumpkin!
I am sure you have all seen this lovely picture of pumpkins made from flowers.

I kept going back to this picture in my fall inspiration file thinking I would love some but could not justify paying for fresh flowers for something like this. (That frugality gets in the way all the time!)

Well last weekend I got to go to some yard sales and found these items-
$1.00 for a Styrofoam ball and 2 sprays of flowers.

I had an aha moment (I know it takes me much longer for the light bulb to come on for me than you ladies)- why not make those cute pumpkins using fake flowers!

Oh my and it couldn't be easier to make.  No glue was even needed.  I simply took the flowers off their stems and pushed the plastic part into the foam ball.

I didn't have any real pumpkins so was in a bit of a bind as to what to use for the stem.
I went outside to look for some inspiration and found a sunflower stalk that I had pulled out of the garden a few days earlier.  The sunflower stalk has just the rugged look needed for a pumpkin!

Want a quick and easy project?
Why not try a flower pumpkin!

Here's another picture of it next to the Fall Wreath  I made

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Can You Stand Another Coffee Wreath?

Geez I just  posted about not having time to do much creating  and what do you know I squeezed in a project! I brought the things to make it with me to the Antique store where I am working today and TADA here it is!

I wanted to try a wreath since seeing Nester's Wreath Party.  Of course I am late to the party like usual!
She wanted wreaths made from odd or  crazy things.  
Well mine isn't very original though it's all things I had around the house.

This project cost me a whopping 50 Cents which was the cost of the 
wreath form that I found when I went thrifting with blogging friend Holly.

I found a bag of old claim tags from a cleaner last year and prettied them up with a
letter stamp.  
I have a ton of scrabble letters that I have collected over the years too.
Coffee filters that have been tea dyed for the wreath
have been cut and wrapped around the styrofoam wreath.

I still feel like it needs something but am not sure what it is- any hints out there?
It seems like it need a bit of depth of something to it-
The Happy Fall tags are just tied on to the wreath so I can change them out if I would like.
Well it was a fun an easy project which if I get a bit of time I might try and do 
a tutorial though I think you ladies are so smart you already know how it's done!

Hope you have time to get a little creating time in for fall.

A big thank you  
to Stephanie for featuring my Sassy Peach Salsa over at her wonderful blog

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Discovering Beauty

If I only had more time!  
I haven't accomplished much but if I had some time I would love to tackle these
sweet ideas!

loving this barrel planter-

Are you finding time to do the things you love to do? 
I hope so!

Some More Meandering you maybe interested in

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